Division of Substance and Alcohol Abuse : Clinical

Clinical Services

Health & Recovery Center

The Health & Recovery Center at the Mental Health Hospital Center
(MHHC) in the UM/Jackson Memorial Medical Center offers highly
structured, individualized treatment plans for patients via educational
classes, group therapy sessions and therapeutic groups. Additionally,
12-step support groups are introduced such as Alcoholics Anonymous
and Narcotics Anonymous.

Furthermore, counselors assist each patient by helping them build a
support network at home and in their community to encourage the
maintenance of sobriety upon the conclusion of treatment.

Chemical Dependency/ Detoxification Program

The Chemical Dependency/Detoxification Program provides personalized treatment in a medically supervised setting for a patient’s safe withdrawal from alcohol or drug addiction.

The highly structured, multi-disciplinary treatment plan safely combines neurological, psychiatric and internal medicine to help mitigate patients’ discomfort from withdrawal symptoms and help them in continuing their recovery journey.

Health care professionals are specially trained in addictions and create recovery regimens that include 24-hour nursing care and therapeutic interventions (individual and/or group counseling, support groups, and 12-step addiction support models and education regarding detoxification and rehabilitation).

Patients are assured the strictest confidentiality and may seek help for addiction to alcohol, cocaine, opiates (heroin), benzodiazepines (Xanax), barbiturates or a mixture of substances.

Dual Diagnosis Services

Dual Diagnosis Services are available for adults who have an acute psychiatric illness as well as a substance abuse disorder. The recovery service assists patients while also addressing medical and/or emotional influences that may contribute to the addiction.

Individualized treatments are provided in a medically supervised setting and are designed to help patients overcome depression, psychosis, anxiety, anger, and poor self-esteem. Family education and counseling is also available and encouraged.

Mental Health Hospital Center (MHHC)
UM/Jackson Memorial Medical Center
1695 NW 9th Avenue
Miami, FL 33136

General Appointment line 305-243-4000
Ask for: Ihsam Salloum, M.D.