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Bio By Year

Class of 2018

Durim Bozhdaraj, MD

Durim Bozhdaraj, MDA balanced resident is the best resident

Bienvenido a Miami! That’s about all the Spanish I know and yet I still feel like Miami is the perfect program and location for me (and you)! I am originally from Michigan: born, raised, and finished all of my schooling there. I remember that when it was time to select/rank programs there were so many factors to take into account. Some of these included geography/location, program highlights or even what I considered most important, the overall well-being of the current residents. I remember coming down to Miami for the interview and being wowed by the fact that I had the opportunity to train at not only a program that offered a vast array of pathology for my career development but also live in a place with a social lifestyle that couldn’t be compared elsewhere. Whatever your interests may be, Miami surely has something to satisfy those fancies. The city and program combined offers research, fellowships, clinical opportunities, high-rise living, and South Beach! Just imagine for a second the ability to use the “hashtag” #ILiveWhereYouVacation… think about it.

In our program, from day one, you’re submerged in an autonomous but supervised opportunity to be a true clinician with patients that have the most fascinating pathologies. Miami-Dade County has one of the most diverse patient populations around and working in the Jackson Memorial/University of Miami/Veterans Hospitals surely exposes you to everything there is to offer. Even as a PGY-1, it already it feels like I’ve learned so much, which is fascinating given that we have just started. Surely having one of the busiest psychiatric emergency rooms in the country has played a large part in this learning and its value cannot be overlooked.
I made the transition from Midwest to Southeast and it’s been the best decision of my life! I hope you decide to come down and see what we’re all about… Welcome to Miami!

Class of 2019

Mousa Botros, MD

Mousa Botros, MDWelcome home!
Born in Egypt, went to medical school in Cairo, did away rotations in Germany, Hungary, Portugal, England, and America. I have done extensive work with the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations. It was not easy for me to settle down. However, Miami made it clear from the first time I visited, this is the place to be.

Allow me to introduce you to the life you can and should be living for the next 3-4 years. This place has vast manifold opportunities that no matter what your dreams are, chances are, they can be fulfilled. In the midst of choosing a residency program, this program stands out as the one place that entails 3 different hospitals; all of them are different yet enriching teaching experience. We rotate in the University of Miami hospital, Jackson Memorial hospital, and the VA hospital. To put this into perspective; it has been 3 months since the beginning of my residency, I published twice and I feel comfortable enough to envision and propose management plans for most psychiatric presentations and emergencies. Our program is unique in its special and continuous emphasis on getting feedback from residents. We strive to be the best and nothing less. No matter what plant you have, this place will water it.

The weather in Miami is – well – therapeutic! I open my windows everyday in the morning and I feel accomplished. As our chair will tell you, Miami is the city of restaurants. It doesn’t get boring in here. Amongst the top 10 biggest malls in America, 2 of them are around here. I invite you to come give us a visit and see for yourself how happy our residents are, and remember to ask them why.

I ranked it first because where else do you find this amount of education, work experience, and research opportunities within the same city that people fly to from all over the world to enjoy their time?

I look forward to meeting you all when you come to visit. Also, bring swimsuits!