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Bio By Year

Class of 2019

Mousa Botros, MD

Mousa Botros, MDWelcome home!
Born in Egypt, went to medical school in Cairo, did away rotations in Germany, Hungary, Portugal, England, and America. I have done extensive work with the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations. It was not easy for me to settle down. However, Miami made it clear from the first time I visited, this is the place to be.

Allow me to introduce you to the life you can and should be living for the next 3-4 years. This place has vast manifold opportunities that no matter what your dreams are, chances are, they can be fulfilled. In the midst of choosing a residency program, this program stands out as the one place that entails 3 different hospitals; all of them are different yet enriching teaching experience. We rotate in the University of Miami hospital, Jackson Memorial hospital, and the VA hospital. To put this into perspective; it has been 3 months since the beginning of my residency, I published twice and I feel comfortable enough to envision and propose management plans for most psychiatric presentations and emergencies. Our program is unique in its special and continuous emphasis on getting feedback from residents. We strive to be the best and nothing less. No matter what plant you have, this place will water it.

The weather in Miami is – well – therapeutic! I open my windows everyday in the morning and I feel accomplished. As our chair will tell you, Miami is the city of restaurants. It doesn’t get boring in here. Amongst the top 10 biggest malls in America, 2 of them are around here. I invite you to come give us a visit and see for yourself how happy our residents are, and remember to ask them why.

I ranked it first because where else do you find this amount of education, work experience, and research opportunities within the same city that people fly to from all over the world to enjoy their time?

I look forward to meeting you all when you come to visit. Also, bring swimsuits!

Class of 2021

Kristi Wintermeyer, MD

Kristi Wintermeyer, MDIn the words of Beenie Man, “Who am I?”
Born and raised in South Florida, I finished my undergraduate degree and medical school at Florida International University. Resident physician is my profession; however, I am also a mother of an exuberant, 8-year-old, cross-country/track star. It isn’t easy to find work life balance, especially in medicine. We can’t do everything ourselves, hence why we are considered part of a ‘treatment team’. We depend on each other for strength, guidance, and maybe lunch when we’ve left our meal card in another white coat or at home. A strong support system is important at home, at work, in life. Something many of our patients are lacking.

First, location. This is obviously an important consideration. It’s Miami! Let me expand. Whether you’re into street art on the walls of Wynwood, beach life 365 days a year, museums and gardens, water sports, or a stop in Little Havana for some Latin cuisine… Miami’s got you. Let’s just say, this is a place where memories are made.

Let’s talk residency. What’s important to you? For myself, I was drawn to the UM Jackson program because of the diverse patient population in Miami, the “melting pot” of culture, as well as opportunity to gain experience in 3 different hospital sectors. These include Jackson Memorial Hospital (nonprofit), University of Miami Hospital (private), and The Miami VA hospital (federal). Not to mention the wonderful academic attending physicians we work with who I feel are truly invested in our success. This program also offers many fellowship opportunities, which has become increasingly important to me as I continually shift where my interests lie for future endeavors (but I know where I want to eat for dinner).

What’s my favorite thing? I’ve found a program with over 60 residents, all with their own stories, who value and support each other. Shout out to my 2021 class. These 16 doctors aren’t my colleagues, they’re more than that. They are my “work fam”, my “ride or die” on my worst days or hardest rotations. Don’t misinterpret the colloquialism. What I’m trying to say is… the nurturing and supportive environment I’ve found here at the UM Jackson program has had a profoundly positive impact on my residency experience and resiliency during this critical time in young doctor’s career. Success isn’t only what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire in others. I don’t think I would have found this anywhere else.

Come join our family!

Class of 2022

Jacob Kannarkat, MD

Jacob Kannarkat, MDLet’s be honest. Comparing residency programs isn’t easy, especially when all you have to go on is the website and a whirlwind interview day. So, why Miami?

Growing up near Washington, DC, I always envisioned myself working in a similarly high-powered and global environment. Whether I’m in Crisis interviewing patients or out and about in the city, I find myself always meeting people of backgrounds completely unlike my own. Miami boasts established Cuban, Haitian, and African American communities, and immigrants from around the world.

The program’s diversity mirrors the city’s, with trainees from across the states, Central/South America and the Middle East. We see patients with an incredibly wide range of psychopathology, in part because we rotate through three distinct practice settings (Jackson, UMH, VAMC), being exposed to aspects of both public and private health systems. This level of diversity challenges us as residents, but also lends itself to a department open to new ideas and change. The faculty encourages residents to uniquely shape their residency experience, many of whom choose to get involved in research, administration, and the community at large.

Of course, Miami is a place where it’s easy to work hard and play hard, and I don’t mean to be trite. My colleagues really are the most hard-working, fun-loving bunch you’ll meet. I can count on them to switch call shifts with me and later hit up Art Walk in Wynwood. With beaches open year-round, the Heat playing (now with D-Wade), a thriving electronic music scene, the Everglades and Keys just a couple hours away… you get the idea.

For me, living and training here has resulted in a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth. I couldn’t ask for more. When you visit, get to know some of the residents. We are excited to be working with you soon!