Graduate Medical Education : Professional Development and Support

Professional Development and Support

A variety of programs have been established to provide professional development and individual support to residents. Some of these include: Individual Supervision

First and second year residents: 1 hour of individualized supervision from faculty weekly

Third and fourth year residents: Each resident will have two supervisors of their choosing. These can be faculty from either the psychiatry or psychology department, or outside supervisors who share common interests with the resident. Meeting times and locations are usually quite flexible and arranged between supervisees and supervisors. These supervisions are excellent opportunities to discuss therapy cases, psychopharmacology, career development, and enrich both resident knowledge and skills.

Mentor Groups

Residents are assigned to a mentor group which they keep throughout their tenure in the program. The groups are comprised of a faculty member and 4-5 residents, with each class represented. Groups typically meet about once every two weeks during lunch or after work. Topics of discussion are driven by the group members and often include career options and development and individual support.

Program Director Meetings

Dr. Saveanu meets with the residents once a month at lunch in a relaxed environment to address any concerns of the residents and to promote an open dialogue in the training program. In addition, he meets with each resident individually at least twice per year for a performance review.

RTCC meetings

The Residency Training and Curriculum Committee meets weekly at lunch to discuss issues related to service and didactics. Each year two residents from each class are elected to serve as class representatives at the meetings. Individual and special requests can also be presented at this time. The program director and the program coordinator are in attendance, and all residents are welcome to attend.

Committee of Interns and Residents

Residents have the option of joining the housestaff union, Committee of Interns and Residents (CIR), whose contracts are designed to improve housestaff salaries, working conditions, and enhance the quality of patient care. CIR has helped negotiate health insurance without co-pay, dental and vision coverage, life insurance, free meetings with a financial advisor, an educational stipend of $1250 per year, and a discount on Rosetta Stone software. In addition, CIR members have access to the CIR legal team if representation is needed for any work-related issues. For more information, please visit: