Graduate Medical Education : Rotations By Year

Rotations By Year

Program Curriculum


In the first year, 6 four-week blocks consist of rotations in medicine (1 block of inpatient medicine, 3 blocks of outpatient medicine, and 2 blocks of neurology). The remaining 7 blocks include inpatient-based psychiatry rotations and community-focused crisis intervention. Several hours each week are set aside for didactic learning activities including lectures, seminars, and case conferences. Demonstrations and departmental scientific meetings are also included. Clinical activity on the inpatient services is under direct supervision of attendings assigned to the unit. Training is designed to give the resident a working knowledge of evaluation, diagnostic, and therapeutic techniques utilized in psychiatry. A high degree of individual supervision, plus the didactic program, forms the nucleus of this first year, during which emphasis is placed on quality patient care.


In the second year, residents continue to have their hospital-based inpatient psychiatry rotations with specialized experiences in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Consultation Liaison Psychiatry, Psycho-oncology, Addiction Psychiatry, and Geriatric Psychiatry. One half-day per week of outpatient psychotherapy clinic is available during this level of training. Five hours each week are devoted to protected didactic activities and the rest to clinical experience.


The resident experience in psychiatry during the third-year concentrates on the outpatient experience. The assignment pattern is full time with two days a week in Jackson Behavioral Health Hospital and two days at the Miami VA Medical Center. An additional half day is available for supervision and ongoing psychotherapy patients. The remaining half day is protected for didactic activities.


The fourth year is devoted to experiencing advanced treatment and research, as well as a continued outpatient experience. Jackson Memorial Hospital, University of Miami Hospital, and Veterans Administration Clinics, account for the resident’s weekly clinical schedule alternating over the year. Research time is protected for 1.5 months in addition to a half day of research each week. Residents choose 7 blocks of elective time in addition to at least 1 block as a junior attending on a psychiatry service of their choice. Required 4th year rotations include emergency psychiatry and CL over 4.5 blocks. A half day is provided for supervision and ongoing psychotherapy patients. The remaining half day is protected for didactic activities. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry fellowship can begin in the fourth year.