Graduate Medical Education : Teaching


Throughout the entire four-year program, residents spend a considerable amount of time in organized instruction such as seminars, teaching conferences by the faculty and visiting lecturers, continuous case conferences, journal club, ethics rounds and up to two hours per week of individual supervision. Residents receive a half-day of didactics every Wednesday and classes are divided by PGY level. Didactics are protected time; residents are not responsible for covering the inpatient units while in class.

Didactic Lecture Topics:

PGY-1, one hour per week:

· Psychiatric Interviewing
· Introduction to Psychotherapy
· Introduction to Psychopharmacology
· Emergency Room Psychiatry

PGY-2, three hours per week:

· Evidence-Based Medicine
· Neurobiology
· Genetics and Psychiatry
· Neuro-imaging
· Supportive Therapy
· Psychodynamic Therapy
· Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
· Group Therapy
· Principles of Psychophamacology and Psychopathology
· Psychopathology and Psychopharmacology of Schizophrenia/Mood Disorders
· Anxiety Disorders
· Substance Related Disorders
· Psychiatric Disorders NOS
· Consult and Liaison Psychiatry
· Child Development and Psychopathology
· Group Process

PGY-3 and PGY-4, three hours per week:

· Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
· Personality Disorders
· Introduction to Research
· Introduction to Ethics
· Brief Psychotherapy
· Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Principles
· Interpersonal Therapy
· Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
· Substance Abuse Treatment
· Family Therapy
· Geriatric Psychiatry
· Psychiatric Systems
· Group Therapy
· HIV Psychiatry
· Hypnosis
· Sleep Disorders
· Forensics
· Neurology for Psychiatrists
· Termination
· Eating Disorders
· Setting up a Practice
· Psychopharmacology, Special Populations
· Psychiatric Review
· Geriatric Psychiatry

All residents also attend biweekly Grand Rounds, M&M conferences, and Journal Clubs. In addition, inpatient and outpatient case conferences are presented weekly by residents on each service.

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