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CANEapp (application for Comprehensive automated Analysis of Next-generation sequencing Experiments) is a Java application that can be run on a personal computer (Mac or Windows) and leverages power of high-performance Unix servers to perform analysis of RNA sequencing data (RNA-seq). CANEapp is a user-friendly application that allows a completely automated analysis of RNA-seq data for detecting differential gene expression and novel noncoding RNA.
CANEapp is accessible by biologists with no bioinformatics or computer science skills and does not require installation; just download the application to your computer, unpack and run!
CANEapp can operate on virtually any Unix server and Amazon Cloud and adapts to the amount of resources available, thus allowing researches at different institutions to perform easy but comprehensive and accurate analysis of any amount of RNA-seq data. No need to connect to the server with CANEapp, use the terminal to transfer data, install software or pass commands; CANEapp does all of it for you and you just need to set up your analysis with help of Java interface on your Mac or PC!

Download CANEapp (v.1.2.1; March 2016)

Make sure your Java is updated though. All you need is the app on your personal computer and a Unix server with at least 30 GB of memory and 100 GB of disc space. UM users can use CANEapp with Pegasus2 High-Performance Computational Cluster. Read the manual for the step-by-step analysis tutorial.

CANEapp paper is published on BMC Genomics.
If you have any questions, suggestions or experience problems with CANEapp, visit our Google Group or email Dmitry Velmeshev: