Resources : HeatmapGenerator


There are a variety of publicly available and commercial graphical user interface (GUI) software for making heatmaps such as TM4, GenePattern, Qlucore, and GENE-E. Although there is an abundance of such services, none of them boast comparable graphical capabilities such as those produced by the R programming language: popularly considered to be one of the most powerful and widely used statistical software among researchers in the medical community and the lingua franca for preparing heatmaps for publication. In contrast to previously released heatmap software, HeatmapGenerator is the first GUI heatmap software package capable of compiling heatmaps with just a few button clicks directly from the R language, without making users write a single line of code. In other words, researchers can now use R to make heatmaps without needing any prior programming knowledge. Moreover, the GUI of HeatmapGenerator is the first software of its kind to employ a database storage system that stores a user’s previously generated heatmaps, in case the user wishes to go back to retrieve them from memory or compare them to other generated heatmaps, all within a central repository.